• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Walking Faithfully into 2022

Every year I stress over all the things the New Year is supposed to bring. What are my new goals? What is my word of the year? This year I am taking control of my life and my schedule. I am saying no and setting boundaries. I wasn't going to choose a word of the year but one was presented to me. Faithful. I will be faithful with my thoughts, words, actions, schedule and intentions. I will faithfully make room for what matters most and faithfully and respectfully say goodbye to the things that distract me.

The things that are most important to me are my:

Faith- this means being sure to schedule my daily faith journal and weekly church service

Family- this year this looks like at least one monthly family dinner with all the kids, a weekly date night, eating together at the dining room table as often as possible and sending cards to my family for birthdays and anniversaries.

Writing/Business- 2 blog posts each week, time scheduled for editing, new projects and social media.

Food Pantry- schedule all Thursday evenings I am off to volunteer at the food pantry.

Church- schedule a 5 hour time block once a week to do what is needed for the church.

These are the things that will receive my attention and I will write about in these posts. This New Year will be different than most because I have the time to get things organized and I am setting myself up for success.

My planner will become my daily companion in which I will record all of my must dos. I am reading "Take Back Your Time" by Christy Wright and I love it so far. I am decluttering, reorganizing, prioritizing and planning for a successful New Year. What is on your list of priorities for 2022?

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