• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks


Who are you in competition with? I am noticing a horrible trend on social media. It seemed to start with those "bet you can't share" posts. Are you the only one that has done something good in your life? Are you the only one whose opinion matters? Everyone has an opinion and they're a dime a dozen. Who cares.

Why does it have to be me vs. you? Black vs. white? Coke vs. Pepsi? Crunchy vs. plain? Taco vs. burrito? Stand vs. kneel? Republican vs. Democrat? Police vs. Citizens? Moms vs. Dads? Openers vs. Closers? Blonde vs. Brunette?

We are all Americans. We stand proud. United in peace. I live in The City of good neighbors on the south side where we are South Buffalo Strong. This is where we believe.

Teachers lives matter. Blue lives matter. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Babies lives matter. Domestic abuse victims lives matter. Puppy lives matter. Kitty lives matter and cancer sucks no matter what color ribbon is on your car.

We all have a cause at heart. We should not be angered because the other person is not as passionate about the same cause. We all have our reasons for our passions in life. Just because I am passionate about domestic abuse victims and survivors does not mean I don't agree with your cause.

Do you know what truly glitters like gold? Kindness. Kindness matters. Spread kindness. Sprinkle it everywhere you go. Did you ever get the urge to pay for someone's coffee? To rave about that woman's gorgeous shoes? To tell that man he has a nice tie? Do it all. You might just change someone's day.

Challenge: Spend the next 48 hours scrolling past the negative and share only the positive. Let's make kindness normal again.

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