• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Two Trains; One Track

Today's Full Disclosure Friday we are going to start from the beginning. I don't know about anyone else but I have to do lists for my to do lists. This covid thing has put a hard stop to all my goals and now getting back on track seems like I am piloting a passenger train toward a head on collision with a freight train.

I work full time, am a wife, mom of 3, stepmom of 2, and 2nd mom to my niece and 2 nephews. Even though covid happened my nephews still came in for the summer; completely taking over my living room until mid August. My 18 year old went off to dorm (luckily only 25 minutes away) at the end of August and a week later my 20 year old son announced his intention to join the army. In less than a month my household fell from 7 to 4 and soon to 3. This should make things easier but not yet.

I have not been consistent with this blog which is on my to do list. I have organizing and reorganizing to do as a result of the departure of people from my household. I have blog projects I need to work on. I have family drama situations to deal with, church drama situations to deal with and weekly board meetings to replace the administrative team at our food pantry.

There are days like yesterday that I have nothing planned after work that I just lose myself in a stupid movie. I need this downtime to remove everything from my brain to catch up on my sleep. Bedtime came, I went to bed, I downloaded an easy up alarm app, set the alarm, plugged in my phone and went off to dream about my next project. I awoke this morning in a peaceful state. I love waking up naturally before my alarm. I lay in bed waking slowly waiting for the alarm. I picked up my phone to see how long until the alarm rings and realize it is an hour and a half after the alarm should have gone off.

Rush Mode.......

My goals for this coming week are to set up morning and evening routines that will help me get back on the right track and steer me away from that oncoming freight train.

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