• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Reorganizing Routines

Now that I have children moving out of the house, I have decided it needs an overhaul like never before. We have lived in this house for thirteen years now and have accumulated a ton of stuff.

Moving Forward Monday gives me the chance to build on the goals I have posted on Friday and hopefully accomplished over the weekend. My routines have been created and scribbled into my planner. This week I plan to accomplish those routines.

I divided my house into 9 zones. I made a list of items that need to be done daily. I broke those apart to create my morning and evening routines.

The rest of the zones I have divided over the rest of the week. Each day I will give a half hour focus to the zone of the day. I am throwing things out, reorganizing or just basic maintenance. It all depends upon what I see when I begin the tackle process.

I have a mental picture of what I want each space to look like when the month of October is over, just in time for Holiday entertainment. Some rooms will get reorganized and rearranged but others will have a brand new purpose.

I am so excited for this process and the motivation I have to move forward. What are you moving forward toward this Monday?

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