• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Remember Why!

I was scrolling Instagram the other day when I saw a big pink square that simply said, "When you feel like quitting, Remember why you started" and the caption agreed, " Life is hard sometimes."

I don't feel like quitting even though life is hard but this caught my attention because in my quest to change my life in six months, I never thought to put my why out there. I am on track and I am setting and achieving goals but the why is just as important. The why keeps us moving in the right direction.


Why do I want to change my life in six months? I want to prove that it can be done. I have already done this in my younger years. When I was 26 and found that my first husband had cheated on me, I threw every piece of wedding memorabilia against the kitchen wall. It felt great until my sister in law came running downstairs to see what was happening. She had worked the night shift and was in her apartment upstairs sleeping. I packed what I needed and walked to my parents house. That was the beginning of the end of marriage one. Change is possible. It only requires a decision and action.

Why do I want to make changes right now? Why not? Is there a better time to make your dreams happen? I know I am strong enough to handle anything life throws at me even if I have to do it alone but I want to set myself up for success. There is no telling what will happen in the weeks, months, or years coming. What if some horrible accident or this thing called cancer does take my husband from me? Will I be left with a great sadness that paralyses my will to move forward and take action? I like to think I will be able to be strong for his children and ours. I like to think I will live with grace and compassion, comforting those around me, making a living doing this writing thing. There is no way to know how grief will take hold and I want to be ready for anything.

I also want to be the motivation and encouragement for everyone else that wants to chase theirs dreams in the fifth decade of life. Who says age is a reason to give up, I say it's a reason to jump up and say, "YES!"

What is your why and how is it propelling you forward?

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