• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Rejuvenate Your Soul

Four days ago I posted about five things that I believe will help to build your inner strength. Being consistent in getting enough sleep, taking care of your spiritual health, keeping up on your physical health, maintaining your mental health and leaving space to be spontaneous builds your immunity against the negative that happens in our lives.

I find it so appropriate that my post about spirituality will be posted on the seventh day. A day of rest in the Lord. I am fully aware that for most of us spirituality will be different. For me? My spirituality comes in the form of Christianity.

While I pray and study the bible through devotionals, others practice different religions or maybe just soul quieting practices such as meditation and yoga. I am not a religious scholar so this post won't be heading into any other specific details. This post will just tell the benefits of exercising your spiritual health.

My husband is what I lovingly refer to as a non church Christian. His idea of soul calming is a nature walk and I don't disagree with him. It is not my place to judge others on how they keep up their spiritual health. It is also not my intention to force my religion on others who believe differently than I. It is my only purpose to relay to you the importance of spiritual health in the building of inner peace.

Take a virtual walk with me. See the shaded path that leads into the woods. Hear the chirping of the birds all around us. Let the calming warmth of spring air envelope you as you marvel in the wonder of spring. See all the green buds on the trees. The wildflowers popping up here and there. Take a deep breath. The smell of renewal is in the air. Let this moment encompass your soul. Let the creation of this majestic earth renew yourself. Smile and turn to the sun's rays and soak them in for just a few moments.

This is just one way to rejuvenate your soul. If you are truely at peace during the good times of your life. If you can find peace in the everyday struggles, you will be able to find peace and clarity enough to make tough decisions when things are not going well.

Tell me, when you need a little spiritual rejuvenation what do you do?

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