• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Physical Strength

Two weeks ago I started this series on building inner strength. I am building up my inner strength through:

1. Sleep

2. Spiritual Health

3. Physical Health

4. Mental Health and

5. Spontaneity

Today, I take the deep dive into physical health. Your physical health encompasses everything pertaining to keeping your physical body healthy.

For me this includes a little high blood pressure, a bit of arthritis, a bum knee and a few pounds to lose. As with everything else, everyone is different and will have thier own health issues. The trick is to just focus on changing a couple habits at a time.

Being in your best physical health ensures that you will be healthy enough to fight whatever comes your way. Whether it is a temporary illness like the common cold or stomach flu or something more serious like a broken bone, autoimmune disease or cancer. Being in your best physical health builds strength enough to keep up with workouts to help fight depression or anxiety.

When the tough things happen in life being in your best health gives you strength to rise up, climb that mountain and keep you from falling off the peak.

We are all at different levels of healthiness. I have a friend who was injured and disabled in a car accident. Her sudden decrease in abilities caused an increased depression. She was given a puppy for mental therapy and she walked that puppy everyday. Not realizing that each day she was increasing her distance. She was unknowingly increasing her physical and mental health at the same time just by caring for this pup. Six months ago she was able to start working part time.

This blog post was done and ready to post on the right day last week but I was battling a pretty bad arthritis flare up and let myself be taken down by it. As soon as I am finished swapping my bad habits for good ones I will be strong enough to get through these flare ups without any complications.

How has increasing your physical health made you feel better?

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