• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Making Promises and Setting Goals

Setting a goal is making a promise to yourself. A promise to do better, to be better, to grow through the journey before you. This is a six month journey to change my life. Can it be done? We will see.

As our family 🍾 celebrates the beginning of 2022, I want us to be all together celebrating life, family and new beginnings. On this day, I will be thankful for:

1. Bringing in a steady income from my writing even though it won't yet have the ability to support us. I will have a clear plan and have begun relaunching my previous books.

2. I will have gotten my license and overcome my fear of driving.

3. I will have created healthy habits for mind, body and spirit that will allow me the freedom to work to achieve all of my goals.

In my reflection period this week, I have decided to work on personal mission and vision statements. A personal mission statement identifies who you are, your purpose and how you will fulfill it. A personal vision statement inspires you to achieve the goals you have set your sights on.

My Mission- I am a Christ led daughter of God following the path of the spirit. It is my mission to help women who have given up on themselves for the love of others through written words and other media choices the future may bring me to.

My Vision- To be the happy, healthy matriarch this family deserves by:

1. Creating and making healthy morning and evening routines a daily habit. These routines will include exercise, a daily weigh in, and healthy sleep habits.

2. To practice driving 2 to 3 times a week and pass my road test before snow falls.

3. To finish Creating Beautiful Confidence, have a successful launch and relaunch my first 3 books creating a steady income and a fan base from my writing.

As my weekend retreat approaches I will record what my vision of morning and evening routines looks like, finish my list of core values and start breaking down my goals into manageable steps. What are you doing this week to make changes in your life?

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