• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

It's A Great Day!

It's Monday again folks and I had a busy weekend. I was able to get stuff done and ready for my work week between the three events I had going on. I made my list, stayed focused for the most part and all of a sudden my Monday morning alarm is going off.

I woke up with Travis Tritt's "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" stuck in my head. You know what though? It is! Even though I spilled hot coffee on my pants during my commute. It's a Great day to be alive. Even though it's Monday. Yup, still a great day to be alive.

Writing this blog and doing the research needed to take the next steps for my business has opened some old wounds. It is surprising to be hurt by something you thought you worked through more than 20 years prior. So, I took a little break. God has been nudging me. Sending me scripture. Sending me an invite to a 3 day retreat. Showing me how I can prepare for the next phase of my life while working a full time job. Guess what? It is still a great day to be alive.

I was not fully prepared to start my new morning routine today because three glasses of wine and some late night texts with hurting family members happened but sometimes those take precedence. It is still a great day to be alive.

Luckily, anywhere I am with my phone is office enough for me. I just finished eating breakfast in the breakroom at work. I am waiting for my shift to start. Creating graphics and writing blog posts between bites. It is still a great day to be alive.

Smile my friends and tell me what is going to make your day great?

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