• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Hope, Trust and Determination

Part of my current journey is instilling healthier habits and weight loss. I am just one pound from my first short term goal to lose fifteen pounds.

Along with millions of other Americans who have had weightloss at the top of thier New Years Resolution list for far too many years, I always start each January strong and fizzle out by March or April.  Previously, I have weighed myself each week or twice a week if I felt confident in my results only to be deeply dissapointed. Each dissapointment resulted in sabotage and depression.

In May of this year I challenged myself to a month of no pop. I began simply by eliminating one unhealthy aspect of my diet and added a few steps to my step goal. I also decided to focus more on my habits and less on the numbers so I am now doing biweekly weigh ins.

As stated a few minutes ago, I am just a pound away from my first goal. I have so badly wanted to step on the scale in the past week just to see the number. I am learning to trust in the process that I have set. It is finally working.

What  strategy is working best for achieving your goals?

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