• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Finance Friday: My 2022 Financial Goals

Happy New Year's Eve

I have been trying for a few years to get my finances under control. My hard work is starting to show signs of success. So far I have:

• Rehabbed my student loan and started making monthly payments with my new company

• Bought a budget planner and started using it faithfully before each pay period, and

• Separated my subscriptions and auto pay bills into a separate account with direct deposit.

I have been almost successfully budgeting since October of this year. Things working in my favor are:

• Having a separate account for automatic payments

• Paying bills as soon as money hits my account

• asking myself if a purchase aligns with my goals before making it.

I am jumping head first into the world of cash envelopes with a cash envelope planner I recently purchased. I am setting up cash envelopes for:

• Fencing we need to replace come spring

• a freezer for our new pantry

• my husband's spending which includes gas for the truck and the occasional Tim Hortons coffee.

My plan moving forward also includes:

• Catching up on some bills

• Paying extra into my student loan, shed loan and mortgage

• Booking some summer fun camping trips with some of my upcoming paychecks, and

• learning more about investing.

Please comment below any advice you have and/or your financial goals for 2022.

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