• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Fifty by Fifty

Every once in awhile you approach a big number and anxiety grabs you by the throat like "OMG, I can't believe I'm getting old." It is quite different for me this time. In the past 3 years my husband and I have faced some serious health issues. Now, I want to celebrate life. I want to go on adventures with my family.

Fifty by Fifty started because I want to lose fifty pounds before my birthday. Then I kept thinking of things I want to do before my birthday. So, a journal was born. I have created a separate journal to keep track of all my fifties before fifty. Simple things like:

*     50 lbs by 50

*     50 family walks by 50

*     Rafting

*     Ziplining

*     Horseback riding

*     Toronto Zoo

*     Day trip to NYC

There are other goals too:

*     Financial goals

*     Home remodling goals

*     Business goals

Everyday I add more to my list and get more excited to live my life into my fifties.

Tell me what items are on your bucket list?

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