• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Don't Be Grumpy

We all do it. Society ingrains in us that Monday is a bad day? Why does Monday get such a bad rap? Sure, most of us are coming off an icredible weekend and don't want to be off to work or school so early. Is that really a reason to start the day off on the wrong foot? Did you know that if you start the day in negativity you are bound to have a bad day?

We should start every Monday morning by dancing out all the negativity. Start a motivation playlist. Only uplifting, badass songs allowed please. Oh, I know all the normal Monday morning shenanigans are still going to happen.

Your alarm will be set wrong, not go off or last night's football game has you sleeping through your alarm.

Take a deep breath and think about your next move. The only option you have is to stop, tell someone you are running late and calmly go through your morning stress free. If you are stress free your kids will also be stress free. Accidents happen when you are stressed and rushing. No matter how bad your morning you want to arrive to your destination in one piece.

Turn the negative into a positive and move on. Stop giving Monday a complex. She can be a beautiful, wonderful day if you give her a chance.

What are you going to do to turn a negative into a positive on this awesome Monday morning?

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