• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Broken Arrow

The morning before

New Years Eve

and my life right now

smells like a huge pile of


It was the morning before New Year's Eve and I was reading a book about the purpose God has called me for. Now more than a week later and I can see the changes being made. I can feel the presence of the Lord in my life, in my future, in my passion, in my thoughts and in my writing.

For Christmas my daughter received a Barnes and Noble gift card and she can't keep those, so off to the mall we went. I had a list from the hubby for a couple things he needed so I decided to look for a book. "You are The Girl For The Job" by Jess Connolly practically jumped right out at me. There was no thought process just this is the book I need.

Two days later I received a gift card from work and ordered two books from the website:

"Women of the Word," by Jen Wilken looked like a book a woman in my line of work needs to have.

"Healing the Soul of a Woman," by Joyce Meyer jumped out at me. The media of Joyce Meyer has never particularly inspired me so I passed this by twice and actually took it out of my cart twice more but in the end it was evident that this is a book that I must read.

This morning on the bus to work, I finished reading a section of Jess Connolly's book and was inspired to post the following blurb on my Facebook page with the link to Confidence, a song by Sanctus Real that I was listening to at the time.

Then I opened my email and was inspired to actual tears on the bus by an unexpected gift from a special new friend in my life. She made a donation in my name to download and enjoy the Women's Christmas Retreat by Jan Richardson which I am currently halfway through.

Both Jess Connolly and Jan Richardson have inspired me to step forward in faith despite my brokenness. You see, previously in my life I have made goals only to let them wither when the right excuses came along. Oh, I don't have the money to accomplish that, my husband has cancer ( thankfully he is cancer free at this time) there is no way I can take time for that, I work too much I don't have time to, and then I dislocated my knee, broke my leg and tore all the ligaments around my knee which gave me the time I wished for to get started on this ministry God has laid on my heart and I still did not know how to proceed so I used that as an excuse as well.

Yes, I am broken. In so many ways I am broken but this broken arrow is going to let God guide me or fling me down this path he has chosen. God works in mysterious ways and if we let him in he will heal the brokenness and let our souls soar to new heights.

The song Broken Vessels by Hillsong Worship also inspires my soul and I just had to listen to it halfway through reading Women's Christmas Retreat.

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