• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

April's Fool

Good morning and happy April Fool's Day! Today is the day to play harmless pranks on your friends but remember what you dish out will come back to you.

Today's blog comes from a place of LOVE! I have taken my personal pain and have destined myself an advocate for others who are struggling. Willed myself to be the voice for those who for so long have been silenced; told they have no voice. Fated myself to be the voice for those that fought in silence and lost the battle at the hand's of their abuser.

Starting today and periodically throughout the month I will be telling April's story. April is not a real person yet she is all of us. At some point throughout the month she will touch each of us in a different way. These are the stories that have been given to me. Some of them are fiction given to me by God. They represent someone he is trying to touch, trying to get closer to. Some of the stories have been given to me by others who have lived them. I publish them under April's name to protect the innocent.

This month April will endure emotional, physical, verbal and sexual abuse but some of us either have lived or are currently living this shame. I am here to remind you to overcome this false belief. There is not shame in telling others what you are living with. It takes a great amount of Strength to open up and tell someone you trust what April's fool is doing to you. STAND UP! Take that strength God has given you and tell one person. Ask for help! The strength is there, I promise! It is waiting for you to test it.

I stand with you!

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