• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

Affirmations: The Power of Self Talk.

Do you pay attention to the words you tell yourself. Do you ever wonder where they came from? Are these words that you would allow yourself to say to your best friend or your children?

Throughout our life people get mad and hatred spews from their mouth. Those words if said enough starts to penetrate our self image damaging the confidence we have little by little. Our subconscious is choosing to believe the lies that others tell us.

Childhood trauma in the form of verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse takes away a piece of our self worth. We grow up and run to people we think are accepting of us. Our negative self worth allows our significant other to treat us in the same way our parents or other trusted adults have. We start to believe this is a normal way to show love. Before you know it, you start showing yourself that same kind of negative love.

Unfortunately, this is not real love and after a lifetime of negativity it is hard to turn it back around. The keys are to KNOW that you are enough and start demanding people show you the respect you deserve. You might lose these people but that is ok.

You are worth having people in your life treat you right.

The use of affirmations can help you turn the negative into positive. Take the negative thought that has been drilled in and make it a positive.

Turn "I am stupid," into "I am smart enough to make a change."

Turn "I will never be good enough for him," into "I am enough for me."

It is a long road to undo the negative but once you become accustomed to turning negative thoughts into positive ones, it becomes easier and your negative thoughts don't show up as often.

Take back your power through daily positive affirmations and create a beautiful confidence in yourself.

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