• Mary Elizabeth Sieg-Weeks

A Prayer for Domestic Violence

People are suffering Lord!

Today I ask for forgiveness,

That survivors forgive the wrongs

Their abusers accuse them of.

Today, I ask for courage,

That those suffering might

Break the cycle and leave

An abusive situation.

Today, I ask for Strength,

That friends and family

Might learn how to help

And take action before the

Violence wins.

People are suffering, Lord!

Is October the only month

We should talk about abuse?

We wear our purple ribbons

But what else can we do?

Today I ask for clarity, Lord!

That we all will hear the silent

Cries around us. That we will help

The child that saw daddy knock

Mom down last night.

That we don't laugh when we hear

About the man getting stitches because

He was taught never to hit a woman no matter what, so he stood there and took it.

Today, Lord, I ask for the silence to be broken. That we all might be able to break

The family cycles. End the violence. Bring this from the unspoken to raised voices.

Let us all cry in unison...

Stop the Violence!

This is post 1/31 of a Domestic violence awareness Blogtober.

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