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Updated: Jan 27, 2019

** This post was originally posted on my first blog August 28, 2012**


"You only live once."

"Let's stand in the school parking lot and make fun of the girl who is different."

What you don't know is that at the age of ten I was already the victim of sexual abuse. Don't worry, it's ok, YOLO, right?

You may think I am a bad influence on your son because I am quiet and like to wear black. What you don't know is that at the age of sixteen, not only have I been sexually abused by two men but I have also been a victim of date rape. Your son is my savior because you taught him how to treat women. YOLO?

I have made my fair share of mistakes. Look what life has taught me. Please do not judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes. I have been sexually abused as a child and a teen, have survived teenage date rape and walked away from an emotionally abusive teen relationship. I found "love" and ran away from my life with someone who not only emotionally and psychologically abused me but also raped me many times in our marriage.

YOLO? Does living your only life give you the excuse to be hateful and abusive to people? Are the bullies on the playground just as hateful as my abusers? YOLO? Reach out to someone who needs a helping hand, don't push it away thinking someone else will help. YOLO! Give someone something they can never repay.

My hats off to the teenage girl that has the strength and courage to tell family and friends that she is scared to go home. I am going to do just that. I wish I had the strength and courage when I was her age. I will not feel bad for being one of the only people willing to help her. YOLO!

For those of you who know me personally not even my BFF knows these details about my life. Rest assured I have found the Grace of God and have been able to forgive all my abusers even though I haven't told them.

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