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I have been authoring books and blogs since my son turned 10. so that is roughly 22 years now. I am learning new things about marketing and book launches and will be relaunching my current titles as well as releasing new content this summer. I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer. My goal in life is to become an encourager. I hope that my personal reading selections inspire and encourage you to come out of your shell and rise to reach your full potential at any age.


Women of Strength

Self-Respect vs. Selfishness

After being a closet short story writer for most of her life, Mary, has emerged with a compilation of short stories designed to bring you strength. Women of Strength will captivate your heart and encourage you to find your inner strength. Like too many other women, Mary has overcome an abusive relationship or two and has dedicated her life to raising awareness. The facts about teen dating violence are necessary for every parent with teen children to see. This book will transport you into an emotionally abusive relationship in which Lynn must only cater to her husband’s needs no matter what else is going on in life. Take you on a journey to reunite friendships after an abusive relationship is tossed aside. Make every girl look in the mirror to see what everyone else sees. This book will also open your life to the fairy tale dream a lot of us originally missed.

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Grief's Inspiration

The Journey of a young girl's grief.

What do you do when you are left all alone? Lillian is a sixteen year old who has spent the last six months taking care of her mother through Stage four lung cancer. Now her mother is gone. Where does she go from here? She may be orphaned but she quickly learns that there are people who will do anything for her. Read Lillian's journal through grief and watch how her Journey not only inspires herself but those around her as well.

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The Lord is in This Place

The Advent Revelation: A Personal Epiphany Into My Faith Journey.

We have all fallen from Faith. It is part of the Journey. Part of the struggle. We have our ups and our downs. The Lord Is In This Place acts like a devotional for the season of Advent but tells of my personal struggles in walking through life preparing my way to a life of Christ.

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