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21 Day Habit Challenge

When beginning to create good habits for your life, start by creating an image of what you want your day to look like.

Finance Friday: My 2022 Financial Goals

Happy New Year's Eve I have been trying for a few years to get my finances under control. My hard work is starting to show signs of...

Walking Faithfully into 2022

Every year I stress over all the things the New Year is supposed to bring. What are my new goals? What is my word of the year? This year...

The Struggle is Real

You have every intention of making changes in your life. Setting goals is fine until you get that phone call.

Making Promises and Setting Goals

Setting a goal is making a promise to yourself. A promise to do better, to be better, to grow through the journey before you. This is a...

The Journey Begins

We are six months into 2021 and it has truly been a year of renewal for me. My Bible verse of the year outlines God's plan for me. I have...

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