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A Woman of Strength

Creating a Community of Strength

A Woman of Strength strives to raise awareness of Domestic Violence, create a community of strength so that potential victims have a head start, victims become survivors and children of victims receive the services they need to break the cycle. We are currently seeking board members and 503c status. Help us raise awareness today.

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Our Background

A Woman of Strength was created by and is lead by a survivor. I tell my story through my blog and the books I write. I have recently switched from a short story writer to a Christian writer. I use my creative writing to raise awareness and my book sales to raise funds to become a nonprofit. In the future I would like A Woman of Strength to offer housing and other services single moms need to keep her family happy and healthy while she overcomes the circumstances that arise when leaving a domestic violence situation.

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A Woman of Strength

The Rise and Fall of Me!

Better yet? The fall and rise of me.

I am strength and I am weakness.

I am encouraged and motivated.

I am ever changing.

With every motivation comes that voice that pushes me right back down.

And then I get up!

I am the word, the climax, the page-turner and the whole new chapter. With each new sunrise there is a whole new struggle. With every closed door, I am there to kick it open.


Sometimes, most times the words hurt. Sometimes more than the fist. I have a sense of humor. Some things just are not funny. I have been saved. Saved by my faith. Saved by forgiveness. Saved by my own actions.

Maya Angelou once said "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." That is exactly what I did in YOLO. 

I am moving forward. I am making the change. I am on a wonderful journey and I want to share it with you. I am taking you with me. I am giving you strength. I am giving you joy. I am giving you an open door. My gift to you is motivation, LOVE and encouragement.

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